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Since 1979 The Design Graphics Group Companies have been successful in serving the agricultural community. In today's high-tech, fast paced business world, we often are confronted with demanding deadlines. This is when Design Graphics excels. Flexibility, communication skills, and up-to-date technology makes us a true leader in the signage industry. Our reputation for quality, service and an extensive product line has underwritten our successful story.




FIELD & PLOT SIGNS: The majority of field signs today are constructed of corrugated plastic. This material is lightweight and durable, with an outdoor life of approximately 2-4 years, depending upon weather conditions. The material can easily be die-cut and assembled to meet your specifications.

DEALER SIGNS: These signs are generally screen printed on steel or aluminum and can be fabricated with radius corners and holes for mounting. A special UV coating is applied to prevent color fading and extend the life of the sign. Our Stock & Ship program allows us to store and personalize signs with the dealer's name and ship directly to them, upon your request.

CUSTOM DECALS: A premium weight vinyl, with a split backing, used for specialty & variety identification decals. Static cling, metallic finishes and special colored vinyls make for a unique sign. Also, die-cut shapes, fleet lettering, banners and magnetic signs for vehicles can be produced in any quantity.

STOCK & SHIP: More and more customers rely on us for their sign fulfillment program. Let us store and ship your dealer signs, field signs, decals and hardware as needed. This helps free up valuable employees' time and warehouse space. More importantly, it guarantees a cost-effective and timely delivery of these products.